I was abducted by aliens. What’s your excuse?

September 14, 2009


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September 4, 2009

It has seemed more and more lately like traveling, whether it is driving to the store or flying across the country, is just wrong. We should be able to teleport directly to where we want to go.

Is it just me? Have I watched too many science fiction movies? Is it just wishful thinking? I do enjoy driving at times, just for the sake of driving. But just to go from one place to another, especially if there is a lot of traffic or it is a long distance that will take so much time, it just seems like driving or flying should be unnecessary. It would be so nice to be able to *blip* to the store, get what I need, and then *blip* I am back home. Or think how much easier vacations would be — how much time we spend getting there and back which could be better spent being there. No more time wasted sitting in airports, sitting smooshed up in the airplane, sitting in a car traveling to and from the airport…

So who do we need to talk to to make this happen?