What this blog is about: the pursuit of the interesting, the funny, the curious, the useful, and the absurd; random observations and favorite quotations; what you can find where, and what to do with it; past, present and future bits and pieces of my life; and, of course, my designs.  I hope you wander around here and find something fun to read, maybe even something to think about, and as the best possible outcome, something that is helpful in your life.  Please feel free to leave comments on anything; and since this blog is new and I really need readers, please pass my blog along to other people if you think they might enjoy it.  I already talk to myself all the time, so it would be nice to know that with this blog I will actually have someone other than my cats listening. 

Just a little bit of info up front: I live in Arizona, and am originally from Chicago. I used to be in the corporate world; now I am designing needlework full time. I also design t-shirts and other stuff to sell online through CafePress. I’ll be posting some needlework charts, and some of my t-shirt designs, along with my ramblings which might be informative, humorous or various other things depending on my mood of the moment.

One more thing – you can contact me by email at circlebdesigns@gmail.com.  Please be aware that anything you say I might use in my blog unless you especially forbid it!


2 Responses to About

  1. bobveatch says:

    Good Morning!
    Thanks for stopping by at “My Slice of the Universe.”
    I’ve enjoyed reading your blog and have bookmarked for future viewing. Have a good weekend.

    Bob Veatch

  2. Hi Bob, thanks for visiting! Blog on happily!

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