Wacky optimism

Now I am all for optimism — in fact, I often go a bit overboard with it, often to the exasperation of the people I hang around with. But sometimes mis-placed, wacky optimism is just downright silly.

For example: Optimism is pushing the elevator button and expecting the elevator to come. But how often have you seen someone push the button, wait a couple of minutes, and then push it several more times? Do they really think that will make the elevator come faster? Do they think the elevator will skip all the other floors and come to them, or that it will somehow move faster, just because they pushed the button again? That is wacky optimism. (At least in my opinion. But then again, maybe they are right and it does come faster. But I really don’t think so.)

Here’s another one: Person A is trying to say something to Person B who doesn’t understand Person A’s language. Person B shrugs, indicating they don’t understand. Person A repeats themself, saying it louder and louder. Do they think that Person B will suddenly understand a language that they didn’t understand a minute ago, just because Person A said it louder? Wacky optimism again.

Didn’t someone once say that doing something the same way you’ve been doing something and expecting a different result is the definition of insanity? I just think it’s wacky optimism. But, hey, I do a lot of that myself, so I’d rather think it isn’t insanity!

(And by the way, creating this blog and thinking people will come and read it and comment on it and come back again might be considered wacky optimism. But I’d rather think of it as just plain optimism.)

So what wacky optimistic things do you do, or have you seen other people doing?


2 Responses to Wacky optimism

  1. myhighoftheday says:

    It is so true (and funny), what you wrote about not understanding another persons language. It is as if person A thinks person B is stupid who cannot understand what he is saying. But just because someone doesn’t speak his own language doesn’t mean they’re less intelligent than him. Unfortunately that is how most people react in real life too. And I’ve seen it first hand, my husband is an immigrant 🙂
    I really like your blog, keep it up!

  2. Hi, thanks for stopping by!

    That language thing is strange – I notice it a lot on The Amazing Race. The racers are in another country trying to get directions from someone and they just keep repeating themselves more and more loudly when the person doesn’t understand them. And then the racers get upset that the person doesn’t speak English! Hey, not everyone in every other country does! (And by the way, speaking of optimism, how about going on a reality TV show and hoping to win a million dollars? Of course someone does, win, so I guess it’s just regular optimism, and not all that wacky!)

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