The secret life of computers

I am not a computer expert. Even though I have been using them for a long time, I have no idea how they work. To me, they might as well be magical devices. I basically know what to do to get what I want, and sometimes that takes a while to figure out. I don’t know anything about their innards, or their processes, or their bits and bytes. I accept that. Fortunately, you don’t need to know how they work to use them. But one thing consistently puzzles me. There are times when the computer is on, and I am not doing anything on it, but it starts chuckling away and the little green light that indicates hard drive activity blinks merrily at me. Sometimes this goes on for quite a while. And I have to wonder – what on earth is it doing? Does it have its own network of computer friends? Is it gossiping with a computer somewhere across the globe? Is there a computer MySpace where it is updating its page or leaving comments for other computers? Is it
having an online relationship? What if some day it becomes too busy doing its own thing to allow me to do mine? Should I be worried about all this?

What have we created by linking computers all over the world in our attempts to link ourselves to everyone else?


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