Post-It Notes

Did you know that Post-It notes breed?  I live by Post-It notes.  I kept my sanity when I was in the corporate world by keeping track of everything on Post-It notes; my office always looked like a yellow blizzard had hit it.  Now I use them at home for all sorts of stuff, and especially to jot down notes for new designs.  Of course, the notes come in a lot more colors than yellow, so I have more of a multi-colored blizzard.  But recently I was feeling overwhelmed by all these pieces of colored paper stuck all over the walls, desk, computer, closet door, and anything else that didn’t move, so I finally decided to organize them.  And that is when I discovered that they had bred.  Certainly I had generated a lot of the notes, but I swear there were dozens more than I had started out with.  The pink and blue Post-It notes had created violet ones, and the yellow and blue ones had green offspring.  Some of the notes on them I’m quite sure I did not write.  Some of them I couldn’t even read.  A lot of them wound up in the wastebasket.  I finally corralled the rest of them into some sort of order; but I am wondering how long it will take until they breed some more.  Scary.


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