It’s good to be Queen… or King!

August 29, 2009



We know royalty when we are it. True royalty is humble, acknowledging how favored and privileged we are. But of course we have to make sure other people know who we are, so I have created these t-shirts just for that purpose. This design is on other items as well – and a baby bib or infant bodysuit with these sayings makes a great baby gift! You can find the Queen design and the King design at my shop at CafePress.



August 29, 2009

I confess, I am addicted to this Internet game, Bejeweled. There is just something about the design, the colors, the sounds, and, let’s face it, the wealth that it represents! I am positively mesmerized by it, and play it far too long when I should be working (or working on my blog!)

How about my readers here (hoping that I get any!) – what are your favorite Internet games?

Southwestern Wings

August 29, 2009


You might have noticed the design of the heading of my blog. I have put it on tile coasters, keepsake boxes, mugs, greeting cards, and more. You can find it, and variations of it, at my shop at CafePress.

I also have other designs of this type also in my shop.

Quail tales

August 29, 2009

One of the fun things about living in Arizona is watching the quail families. I feed the birds in my back yard, and it is a popular hangout for quail. I love it when a quail couple starts bringing their newly hatched little ones to the patio. Quail families are constantly on the move, and spend little time in any one place, so they arrive, feed for just a few minutes, and then are on their way. They are such fun to watch, with the little ping-pong ball sized bits of fluff scurrying after their parents. The chicks do not move in straight lines but swarm around and around one another, careening across the yard like drunken walnuts as the parents move them on to their next destination. They are especially fun to watch at the water dish, where they all hop up on the rim, neatly lined up, dipping and bobbing as they drink. Often they fall in, and flap around splashing their siblings until they flop themselves back out. Most years I have quite a few families that make my yard a regular stop on their daily routine; I watch the chicks grow through the summer until the families eventually split up and the newly adult ones go on their own way.

My blog is better than your blog

August 26, 2009


Everyone is blogging these days, and, let’s face it, some blogs are better than others. Take pride in your blog, and let everyone know you are one of the superior ones.

You can find this design at my shop at CafePress on t-shirts and other apparel, mugs, mousepads, and other stuff. Blog proudly!

The secret life of computers

August 26, 2009

I am not a computer expert. Even though I have been using them for a long time, I have no idea how they work. To me, they might as well be magical devices. I basically know what to do to get what I want, and sometimes that takes a while to figure out. I don’t know anything about their innards, or their processes, or their bits and bytes. I accept that. Fortunately, you don’t need to know how they work to use them. But one thing consistently puzzles me. There are times when the computer is on, and I am not doing anything on it, but it starts chuckling away and the little green light that indicates hard drive activity blinks merrily at me. Sometimes this goes on for quite a while. And I have to wonder – what on earth is it doing? Does it have its own network of computer friends? Is it gossiping with a computer somewhere across the globe? Is there a computer MySpace where it is updating its page or leaving comments for other computers? Is it
having an online relationship? What if some day it becomes too busy doing its own thing to allow me to do mine? Should I be worried about all this?

What have we created by linking computers all over the world in our attempts to link ourselves to everyone else?

This is your brain on chocolate

August 26, 2009


Remember that commercial on TV that showed an egg frying in a pan, with the announcer saying, “This is your brain on drugs”? Well, here is a happier version: This is your brain on chocolate. I think this is an accurate representation of what my chocolate high feels like!

I have put this design on t-shirts and other apparel, as well as mugs, mousepads and more at my shop at CafePress. Enjoy!

And if you love chocolate, here are more chocolate designs at my shop.